Monthly Archives: April 2016

Ohio is gorgeous by moonlight

Out in the woods near Cadiz, OH spending the day recording with Sean Carney and some friends. Just over an hour out of Cincinnati gets you woods, lake, rolling hills. The terrain changes quickly from hour to hour when you’re driving across the country and it’s breathtaking.

From the Rhythm Room in AZ to here is a whole other world. Can’t get enough

Kirk Harwood

The Madman is ready

Just wondering… what have you been listening to?

I stumbled upon an article about Bettye Layette and realized I’d never paid much attention to her work so I hit YouTube and found some great stuff. She’s tuff, and delivers with passion. Her repertoire is broad and always well delivered with a good sense of subtlety that draws in the listener. Not just a soul survivor, but a thriver. Her version of the Who’s Love Reign will mess you up.