Spain and loving it

We’re three dates into our almost month long visit to Spain and France. Hecho in Leon with Lluis Coloma, and Blues and Boogie Reunion at Jazz Terrassa with Lluis, Balazs Daniel and Stefan Ulbricht, and Lluis’ trio members Manolo and Marc on bass and drums, plus Kirk Harwood on drums. At one point all of us were on stage at one time, including both drummers on one kit. No, it was actually making sense! No mayhem occurred. Tomorrow it’s off o Luca for a concert, and I hear it’s sold out already! As soon as I can figure out how to load photos there’ll be some evidence posted…

One thought on “Spain and loving it

  1. Wette Music Post author

    On to France now. A couple of days to rest in Normandie at La Mare Elan, a wonderful bed and breakfast on the D27 outside of Couberg. Day trips to Honfleur and Truville. Tomorrow it’s off to Paris and the heavy lifting starts… Verrieres les Buisson, Toulouse, Paris and Cambrai without a break. This is a blast!!!

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