Just wondering… what have you been listening to?

I stumbled upon an article about Bettye Layette and realized I’d never paid much attention to her work so I hit YouTube and found some great stuff. She’s tuff, and delivers with passion. http://www.bettyelavette.com. Her repertoire is broad and always well delivered with a good sense of subtlety that draws in the listener. Not just a soul survivor, but a thriver. Her version of the Who’s Love Reign will mess you up.


One thought on “Just wondering… what have you been listening to?

  1. Carol S

    Mess you up is almost an understatement. I’m a huge fan of The Who and that song. Pete’s and Roger’s faces during the performance say it all, don’t you think? Saw her open for Elvin Bishop and Tommy Castro at The Crest and don’t think I fully appreciated her at the time!

    Also I need to show you some Who art next time you’re over!

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