Armando’s takes over where the old Sweetwater left off…

Years ago Mill Valley, CA was home to a notoriously music friendly venue on Throckmorton Ave. Called Sweetwater and everyone who came through California played there. Partnering with VIllage Music Sweetwater hosted Little Jimmy Scott, John Lee Hooker and a whole lot more. Well those days of the old small and very intimate club are gone, and the new Sweetwater is in a new location with new people and a new bag.
And now there’s Armando’s near the waterfront in Martinez. It’s small, intimate, completely music focused, and a joy to play. Fans come out to listen and it’s one big music party. With the patio there’s even more space to stretch out. We’re there on Oct. 11 for the 5th Annual Boogie Woogie Birthday Bash. Come on out. Doors are at 7:30. Armando’s

This could get interesting…stay tuned

With all the interesting stuff we see when traveling and wanting to be in touch with people, I’ve been looking at doing a blog for a while. Took a bit to figure it out and now you have it. Off on a new adventure here so we’ll learn together how to make it interesting and how to say something worth reading. Thanks for stopping by to converse.